Things that Happened to me in 2017

1. I read a lot of books this year, but my favorite book was Why I didn’t Rebel, by Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach. I realized that some of the stuff from my teenage years that I’ve been blaming others for is actually just my own fault. Nobody else’s.

2. I’ve realized that my favourite part of nature is water. A river, a lake, a tiny stream, an ocean, a puddle… For some people it might be mountains or forests or trees; for me, it’s water. It’s always water that catches my eye first when traveling.

3. I also realized that I use “pairs of shoes” as a reference for money. My husband looks at me very alarmed every time I say that, as if he’s afraid I’ll really squander our whole hard earned paycheque on shoes. Some people call their money “dough”, others call it “bank”. I call it “pairs of shoes”. Example: when calculating how much we’ve earned in one month or whatever, I say, “yep, that’ll give us quite a few pairs of shoes.” *cue the alarmed look. Story: this year when we were waiting for our tax return, my husband and I each took a guesstimate of how much it would be, and we bet that whoever’s guess would be the closest amount could go buy a pair of shoes. I won 🙂 I don’t think I actually bought the shoes though. Bummer.

4. I learned that mountains are actually awesome. I used to hate driving in the mountains. But y’all. When there’s a six lane interstate curving and sloping through the Rockies, it’s actually amazing to drive through there. I recommend everyone should go at least once in their life.

5. I learned that the more personal I get on my blog, the more traffic I get. I feel like it’s maybe in line with people’s tendency to gossip – or what exactly it is that makes people flock around for personal information I don’t know. But that’s how things work on my blog.

6. I watched the Titanic for the first time in 2017. I loved it.

7. I realized I have a love/hate relationship with photo editing.

8. I have thoughts like “my blog is so stupid. I’ll just quit” about a hundred times a day. Then I write and publish another post.

9. I absolutely love eggs Benedict. Also something I had for the first time this year. I had often heard people talk about how amazing that dish is, but when they described it it always sounded a bit yucky, to be honest. Then I ordered it myself one day and now it’s my favorite breakfast item.

10. 2017 was full of big, special dates. My grandparents celebrated their Golden anniversary in summer. My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on December 22. My mom turned 50 on December 6. And my husband’s parents celebrated their 30th anniversary in November, which the whole family celebrated in Cancún. Cancún was definitely one of the highlights of the year.

11. The link in number 10 happened to be my most popular blog post this year.

12. Right before Christmas, we traded in our car for one of those half sized Canyon trucks. I thought that was interesting enough to be a point.

2 thoughts on “Things that Happened to me in 2017

  1. Hey I’ve been following your blog too since your grandparents (my uncle and aunts) golden anniversary.
    The fact that you like water best in nature is so much like me and for me I think it is growing up in Mexico everything was dry almost all the time! So when we moved to Paris I would always look down into the creeks we passed over to try and see water!
    I like your trucking blogs, my husband is driving too. Before we had children and when our boys were younger I always went with him… enjoy your trips together! Sincerely , Martha Plett


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