The Next Time You Eat Grapefruit

They just kind of are at the store, aren’t they? You never even see the stockboys restock them; they’re just always there. They’re also often overlooked; people seem to prefer oranges or lemons over grapefruit in the citrus section. But would you eat more grapefruit if you knew what other people have gone through to get them to you? Would you enjoy them more consciously?

What if you knew that the truck driver had traveled south for three days to pick up your grapefruit, but then needed to wash out his trailer so it’d be clean enough for your grapefruit? What if you knew that he had then waited in line at the truck wash for 90 minutes, just so his trailer could be clean for your grapefruit?

What if you knew that the truck driver had waited at the grapefruit warehouse from 2 pm till 10 pm, without any bathrooms nearby, until they finally wanted to start loading your grapefruit? Then the dock workers wanted the driver to slide his trailer axles for loading, and after doing that, the trailer airlines froze shut and the trailer brakes wouldn’t release anymore and the driver had to force shove the trailer till the door so they could drive in with the forklift. What if you knew the driver had then worked in the drizzling rain in 0 degree Celsius temperatures for hours trying to release the brakes so he’d be able to pull out of the loading dock? What if you knew that at 1:30 am the driver had finally been able to pour washer fluid into the airlines to thaw them open and was then able to finally to release the brakes to drive to the truckstop for the night?

What if you knew that early the next morning the driver got up and started driving, on tiny roads through small villages that waste time on the e-log? What if you knew that he braved all kinds of weather on the road, from pouring rain to blinding snowstorms and dense fog in the mountains? What if you knew that for three days straight he traveled on and on, taking little time for breaks, to finally get to your store where you buy your grapefruit?

Would that make any difference to you if you knew all that?

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