Our Weekend and all the Food

Oh my goodness.

Excuse my while I catch my breath.

What a busy, busy weekend I had. But it was such an amazing one. Here, sit down and I’ll talk about it. I’m back on the road, sitting up tall and high on my designated throne on the truck and for the first time I feel like I can relax enough to think. And write. Didn’t have even a second of time to write this weekend. Not even to think about writing.

So we came home from BC on Thursday afternoon. I pushed our dirty laundry bags and huge dirty bedding pile from the truck into the laundry room and closed the door, intent on forgetting about that for a while, while I’d enjoy the weekend. We spent that evening catching up on nothing. Gosh it’s always so good to come home and kick off my shoes and go shower in my own bathroom without needing to get dressed after showering, and I enjoy that to the fullest. When I’m home, I shower two times per day, just because I can. To you “normal” people I’d like to say, never take your daily shower for granted. There are those of us who take one as a luxury. (Well it’s not that bad; a lot of places have gorgeous showers but it’s still not as good as home.)

Friday morning Darren and I slept in. When some people brag about having been able to sleep in, they have slept till 8 am. Ha! We slept till 10:36. And I mean literally sleeping. No phone scrolling or texting in bed or… anything else that people might do when they say they’re sleeping. Ha. Moving on.

We finally dragged ourselves up and I made huevos rancheros for breakfast. Or brunch, if you wanna be technical about it. That’s like my favorite breakfast ever. That and Chilaquiles, of course. (I’m writing so much about food because I’m starving right now and it’s on my mind.) After breakfast we went out on the town. I mean we ran some errands. Did “business” stuff and grocery shopping because our fridge was like totally empty. When we checked our mail we got an ad that our favorite furniture store had all the things on sale so we went there and just kind of had to get that love seat we’ve been eyeing. When we got home we sat around and waited for it to be delivered in the afternoon. With that and the area rug I got from Jessica for Christmas our living room is finally starting to feel more put together.

Darren made supper that night. It was totally amazeballs. How cool is it that my husband drives all week to earn money for food and then comes home and cooks it as well?! After supper I got a sudden burst of energy (thank you amazing carnitas with A.1.) and proceeded to tackle the laundry and vacuum the carpets and dust and wash the dining chairs and wash the floors.

The next morning we met Darren’s uncle and aunt and all their kids and grand daughter for breakfast which took till noon. Then we went shopping for some things needed for supper that night because we were throwing a barbecue burger party. Nah, it wasn’t exactly a party. Darren’s other uncle and aunt and their three kids came over for supper and we barbecued burgers. Yes, you heard that right. We’re the crazy snow Mexicans that grill things in the middle of winter. I bet our neighbors stick their poor little noses out the door and smell the most wonderful smells of smoky barbecue sauce lingering in the air and try to compensate their grumbling stomachs with a cold ham and cheese sandwich.

It does take a bit of planning though, if you’re grilling burgers in -20 weather. I kept my oven bake hot and whenever a batch of burgers was done the men put them in a roaster pan and put it in the oven to keep warm. We didn’t want frozen burgers. Supper turned out amazing though, if I do say so myself. I’m always relieved if we have people over for a meal and the food turns out super well, even if it’s just burgers and chips. I’m still so new to cooking and hosting that I’m always worried something will go wrong.

We had such a fun evening. We sat around and drank coffee and later ate the mouthwatering apple dessert that they brought. I remember all those years before I was married when Saturday evenings meant working your butt off and trying to not be jealous when other people went out to eat and hang out with friends. But now I am one of them. Isn’t that so awesome?

Sunday morning I woke up still feeling tired. Or just… I don’t know, weird. I didn’t feel like going to church at all but being the big girl that I am I didn’t say a word and just went. At church, however, I was so grateful I had made it. I’ve learned that before. Sometimes I don’t feel like going to church because of the no friends situation and stuff, but if I go anyway, I’m so glad I did. I’d have hated to miss the message. (I could always watch it online later but it’s just not the same.)

Being at church and sitting in the auditorium with lots of other people together, all of who came to worship and learn more new things, always makes me feel safe. Whether I have friends there or not, I feel like I belong. And that is one of the greatest feelings a person can have. Everyone wants to feel like they belong.

For lunch we went to the diner on 52. Darren hadn’t been there before so I was really wanting him to try it because I like the place so much. One of the waitresses there remembers me already because I get an English toffee coffee there every time. Isn’t it #lifegoals to be known for the food you like? Haha.

We ate chicken quesadillas and mozza burgers and lots of fries and gravy. It’s such a great place to go to for comfort food.

In the evening we went to church again. There was worship and miracles night, and it was seriously the most wonderful church event I’ve ever attended. We had lots of songs and worship, another message from our pastor, and lots of time for praying. Pastor Leon talked about the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, and focused primarily on the gift of healing. He invited people to come forward and then he prayed with/for them. He seriously has such a caring heart, and takes so much time for his ministry. It’s wonderful to be a part of something so big and powerful.

When we got home we were both starving, so we decided to see if Little Caesar’s had any food yet. We parked in front of the door and noticed they closed at 10. It was 10:03. We could see a few workers inside cleaning up and decided not to bother them. We started backing up and then the guy came running out! He opened the door and so Darren went inside and came back with their last pizza and their last bag of breadsticks. Haha well we had a good night snack! Just that day after lunch I was thinking to myself how we had been so busy that we hadn’t even ordered in Domino’s, which we usually always do, but now we had a pizza after all. It wasn’t as good as dominos but we were starving, so it was perfect.

Before bed I finally did the rest of the laundry and started packing again. Today I got up at 7 to finish packing, and now we’re on the road again. That’s my life. Hope all the food I mentioned made you hungry.

Oh yeah. Today for lunch we had leftover grilled burgers. Nom nom.

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