Book Tour – I Could Use a Nap and a Million Dollars

About the Book

“We’ll never feel thing enough, pretty enough, or fashionable enough. Our cars will never be new enough and our bathtubs will always have that ring. We. Lie awake at night, worried we’ll die in our sleep and our mother will arrive at our house and see that scummy rung in the tub.

“This is why we eat too much chocolate and cry in the shower. This is why we need a nap and a million dollars to gall our of the sky. We’ve had enough. Life is just too much.

“But – this is exciting, my friend – what if there is another way?”

Jessie Clemens Knows the struggle and stresses – big and small – of our hectic, over-scheduled world. She too has tried cooking for ninety-eight at Thanksgiving and saying yes to doing three hundred things on Tuesday.
But she also knows that refueling her spirit with a pound of bacon and a bag of Cheetos leaves her feeling like death. So now she goes straight to the Bible for insight on daily frustrations ranging from romance and health to arguing and procrastination. Jessie’s hope-infused honesty will remind you that God’s grace is always available.
If you’re overwhelmed and looking for a new way of handling life’s crazy moments, you will nod along, laugh out loud, and find a new focus on the God who cab turn your “stressed” into “blessed”!

About the Author

Jessie Clemens is a writer, blogger, and church secretary based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. She has also been a social worker in the foster care system, a children’s ministry coordinator, and a lunch lady. Jessie is the author of If I Plug My Ears, God Can’t Tell Me What to Do and There’s a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse. Visit her online at

My review

While reading chapter after chapter, I was thinking, “Me too” and “Haha yes I do that too!” and “huh, same here.” This book is extremely relatable. I guess it’s because as adults, everyone suffers some level of stress. It’s humanly inevitable. Primarily written for women, the author says at one point in the beginning chapters, “I don’t know anything about men and stress. It seems to be a lot of yelling and throwing things in the garage.”

As women, we overthink things all the time. We create problems when there aren’t any, we google our symptoms and find out we’re dying in three days, and yet refuse to go the doctor when there really is something wrong. Men don’t do this. Men are lucky.

The title definitely caught my eye. That was the reason I chose this book for review. And then when it arrived, I scanned the Table of Contents and immediately was intrigued. There are titles like Cute New Shoes Will Not Fix This Mess, but it Can’t Hurt to Try Them On and I Demand an Explanation For all This Extra Skin and You Know What Would Fix This? Doing it My Way. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? (I didn’t even pick the best ones – all of the titles are funny like that.) And the appeal doesn’t end there. All the chapters are written in the same engaging style; they pull you right in with the humor and true stories. The adjectives and verbs she uses are… descriptive, and with every sentence you read you get an extremely clear (and most often, hilarious) image in your head. (You should hear the synonyms she uses for little kids. I laughed. Hard.)

The book is divided into three sections. The first section is about the stress of general life, the second section about the stress others cause us, and the third section is about the stress we cause ourselves. The end of each chapter features a Make It Personal section that has questions that you can answer to deepen your thinking, a Scripture Focus that has a Bible passage fitting for that chapter and a Prayer for Today that you can read so you can make it through each day with a little bit less stress.

You can use this book as a daily devotional, but I’m willing to bet you won’t be able to wait till tomorrow to read the next chapter. That title will lure you right in and before you know it, it’s time to go set the table for lunch.

While reading through this book, I kept my eye open for a quote to put in this review, but I soon realized I couldn’t pick anything; I’d have to copy the whole book onto this blog. And so because that would get me kicked off the blogger program I guess it’s best just to read it for yourself.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.

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