Book Review – Fierce Marriage


Title: Fierce Marriage

Authors: Ryan and Selena Frederick

Genre: Marriage

Publisher: Baker Books

About the book

When Ryan and Selena Frederick were newlyweds, neither of them knew that Ryan would soon need major surgery that would either save his life or result in his death on the operating table. By God’s grace, Ryan survived. But the near loss changed the way they saw all that would lie ahead. They would live and love fiercely, fighting for each other every step of the way. And they would dedicate themselves to helping others do the same.

Fierce Marriage is a call to put Christ at the center of your marriage, measuring everything you do and say to each other against what Christ did for you. With passionate personal stories and practical, gospel-centered advice, the Fredericks help you handle five key areas of marriage: priorities, communication, money, sex, and conflict. Their hopeful approach will help you to see marriage as not just a relationship you should try to keep healthy but also one worth fighting for – in every situation.

About the Authors:

Ryan and Selena Frederick created in 2013 when they felt God calling them to share, with brutal transparency, the struggles God helped them overcome. Since then, Fierce Marriage has grown into a thriving online community with hundreds of thousands of readers each month. Ryan and Selena have two daughters and live in Tacoma, Washington.

My Review

In the introduction of the book, it explains how there are so many valuable resources about marriage in modern Christendom. It goes on to say though how most books are either hopeful or helpful, both of which leave you lacking. Hopeful book offer encouragement and insight to what you’re experiencing, but are void of advice of what to do next. Helpful books are chock full of advice with little explanation or reasoning of why.

This book, they say, meets at the intersection of Hopeful and Helpful. They had wanted it all, so this book is an attempt at both.

That’s what I kept in mind while reading.

One thing that was extremely clear to me while reading was that this book doesn’t help you to view your marriage from your partner’s point of view, as some books teach/encourage. It also doesn’t make it about you and what you can do to improve your marriage. This book looks at marriage from the Gospel’s point of view, which kind of brings marriage to light in a non-popular way. All in all, this book didn’t have many “aha!” moments for me, and neither “yes, this!” moments. It was just kind of a “okay” book.

But don’t let the fact that I called it okay get you disappointed. It was still worth reading; in fact, it was one of the better books I’ve read! It was full of personal stories, lessons, and examples. It also had a few funny instances that cracked me up.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher for the purpose of this review. Photos are downloaded from the publisher’s website.

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