27 Things that I Love Right Now

1. That it’s October. Where I live it isn’t really fall, as it’s cold and windy but it’s October nonetheless.

2. That I bought a cheap pumpkin in Walmart yesterday. It’s literally the only thing fall in my house.

3. That it snowed today.

4. That I’m finally gonna be an auntie. Yep, just heard the wonderful news yesterday and I’m over the moon excited. It’s gonna be the first grandbaby in my husband’s family!

5. Washing my hair with baking soda every once in a while. It makes my hair so soft and extremely shiny, while also giving it a “reset” of sorts so it lasts longer between washes because it’s taking a break from shampoo.

6. Garnier moisturizer. It comes in a small purple plastic jar, smells like cologne, and feels amazing on my skin. It’s a gel, not a cream, so it doesn’t feel greasy or dirty on my skin at all. It only uses a small dab to cover my whole face and it’s amazing. Before now I always got the green Garnier moisturizer in the little glass jars and I love that one too. It’s also a gel. I only use gels, never creams.

7. My humidifier. The air is already starting to dry out, but my house and my skin aren’t, thanks to my machine blowing hot steam all day.

8. Christmas is getting closer. Most people are only thinking about Halloween and Thanksgiving at this point, but my husband and I are planning Christmas already. We can’t wait.

9. White hot chocolate with a shot of pumpkin spice from Tim Hortons. It’s unbelievably sweet, but good. Since it’s almost like drinking cake (as my sister described it) I get a large one, go home, brew my own coffee, split the drink into two cups, set one in the fridge for later, use the other half to dilute it with coffee. That way it’s not so sweet it’s not drinkable, but has that amazing white chocolate and pumpkin flavour. And I get two drinks out of it. And yes, I realize that method makes me sound like a grandma. It doesn’t hurt anyone okay?!

10. Ardene’s. The small store in the mall that’s always wayyy to overstocked and cramped full of stuff but it’s so, so fun. Great prices. Amazing clothes and shoes and accessories. Got a $10 pair of shoes I’ve been wearing everywhere there. Ugh I wanna go again!

11. Essie nail polish. It’s a bit more expensive than what I’m used to paying but after finding out how much better the application and drying process is, it’s so worth the extra penny. (Or nickel, cuz Canada doesn’t have pennies.) Having nice, square shaped nails and trimmed cuticles and a nice color makes me feel like I look like I’m rich(ish) haha.

12. My house. I’ve been deep cleaning it recently. We got rid of a few old BarcaLoungers and it freed up so much space in my living room, which makes my kitchen feel bigger. I love it, but the downside is we have less seating space for guests.

13. I’ve been eating baby spinach by the box. I get the boxes that are clean and washed and ready to eat, and I add that to almost all my food. I’m hoping I get lots of iron from it, but even if I don’t the health benefits of spinach are great. And it tastes so good and goes with all the food.

14. Eggs. There are so many meal options you can do with eggs. And they’re fast and easy to work with. Which is great because I don’t eat a lot of meat.

15. The Tasty app. Been watching Scrumdiddlyumtious and other cooking videos on Facebook for years now and finally decided to download the Tasty app, which inspires me to try new things and cook for myself more. Which, in turn, has great benefits for me and my husband.

16. Being 23. I turned 23 on September 15, the day my best friend got married. I was a bridesmaid and kind of forgot it was my birthday, but so far being 23 is going well.

17. Quiet, gloomy mornings. When I wake up and see the grey clouds first thing, than walk into my quiet and half-dark kitchen to brew a pot of coffee. Thank you Jesus for mornings like these.

18. Perfect avocados.

19. Long hot baths.

20. Brainstorming and planning small decorating projects to spiff up our house.

21. Rewatching my favorite shows.

22. Mascara. I hate wearing foundation and heavy makeup, but eye makeup is amazing. I love the fact that just putting on mascara makes me look so much more awake and ready to conquer the day.

23. The pair of heels I got at Le Chateau. Have worn them for two weddings and I love them so much. Worth the overpriced hype.

24. That I can shampoo my hair whenever I want. I still try to have some sort of schedule so as not to overwash but there was a time (#trucklife) when I couldn’t wash my hair whenever I wanted to and I love that now I can.

25. Pumpkin Spice Mini Wheats.

26. String lights.

27. Cream cheese chocolate chip cupcakes. I’m convinced all the best treats in life start with a c.

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