Recap of 2018

This year has been one for the books. (Technically every year ever has been, lol) Now that we’re in the last month of 2018 I realize how much different this year turned out than planned. Not that we had specific plans; we just wouldn’t have thought the end would look like this.

And I’m okay with it. It’s been a good year. Much, much better than last year, anyway. Much healing has taken place, and I thank God for that.

Last Christmas was painful. I don’t think I’ve ever been in so much pain in my life as during last year’s holidays. But thankfully I was able to heal remarkably fast and in a way, it feels like forever ago now. I’m grateful I was able to deal with my grief in a healthy way so that I could move on quickly and not have issues to drag around throughout the year. I’m free. And it made me grow.

I’ve also watched others go through pain and I’ve watched how they dealt with it and how it made them grow, and how they came out so much stronger on the other side. It makes me proud. Thank you Jesus.

In March my husband and I planned a trip to Mexico to visit our families. We ended up not going. As stupid as it sounds, it was because I didn’t want to. Yes I know it’s hard to believe. I don’t mind if you judge.

In May we ended up on a very spontaneous road trip to Mexico. And by spontaneous I mean that from the time we started considering going to when we were actually on our way was 2 hours. Two hours of time to pack and be on our way. It was late afternoon when we left. My husband’s sister came with us. My husband and I switched driving shifts through the night and next day. We didn’t tell our families we coming before we were literally half way there. We didn’t stop to sleep before we were in El Paso, Texas (4 hours from where they live). That trip is definitely one of the crazier things we’ve done together.

Financially-wise we decided that trip was the last one for the year for us, but then the last of my friends decided to get married in September and I really, really wanted to go to her wedding. Especially since she asked me to be a bridesmaid and everything. My husband made some sacrifices so we could travel again. I’m still super thankful he was able to make it happen, but I’m also hoping he won’t need to do it again because we really want to make some wiser decisions next year. It’s hard trying to adult, haha.

We plan to work really hard next year. This year my husband had to take off from work multiple weeks. All for good reasons. We don’t regret the things we have done, but we do know we don’t want to repeat them in 2019.

I made a new friend in church. Her name is Kathy and she’s a darling lady with so much to talk about. When hearing my husband’s and my age, she said, “You’re babies!” Haha yes, we’re young. A lot of people our age still live in their parents’ basements. And even if they have moved out, only a very tiny percentage of people our age are homeowners. We are grateful we were able to take this step this year, but we know we’ll have to work even harder next year to be able to keep it. Taxes and insurance. Those will suck you dry, man. And prices are only going up. Yowza.

But back to “You’re babies!” Yes we are. Which is why now is the perfect time to work our tails off, you know? Not once do I want to hear from anyone next year “you’re working too much”. You can only say that to us if you plan to pay our mortgage for us.

Mortgages are complicated, man. And yet I’m super thankful for them because we’d never be able to buy a home without one. In Mexico we might never have been able to be homeowners. There are so many other things I appreciate about the country we moved to. Although the cost of life is crazy here compared to in Mexico, it’s easier to acquire stuff, you know?

Being grateful for my country reminds me of a person I met this year. His name is Carlos. He’s from Cuba. I met him at work. He came to Canada for the same reason as my husband and I did, in hopes of acquiring a better future for his family. I was able to refresh my Spanish and talk with him. He was so glad someone at work was able to explain things in Spanish to him, as his English wasn’t very good yet. He ended up going back to Cuba, but I’m still thankful I was able to meet him.

I’ve also met so many other people at work, people I know have come into my life for a reason. I love my job and getting to know so many different people has been so good for me. Again, something which has made me stretch and grow so much this year.

Another thing I did this year was making myself a resume. Resumes aren’t really a thing in Mexico so obviously I never had one before now. I had zero idea how to make one, or what employers are looking for on resumes. So I googled and researched and studied. For days. Then I started writing down things and making a list of my previous jobs and experiences and of course, talents and skills, lol. Finally I edited and perfected it. It took so long, but again, I learned stuff about myself. For example, I learned I wouldn’t put “able to multitask” on it. Haha. My resume did get me a job, so I’d say it was a success. It might sound silly but my resume really is a big part of 2018. Haha.

Another big part of the year was seeing my one sister get married and the other one turn over the big 15. Life moves so fast. I always think that if watching my sisters grow up so fast is making me feel so old and making me realize that life is extremely fleeting, I can’t imagine what it’s gonna be like as a parent.

It hasn’t all been easy, but it’s been a good year, yo.

Now I’m remembering to thank God for what he has so mercifully done for us this year, and pleading his blessing on 2019.

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