Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great start to 2019! This year has already been a doozy for me, haha.

I started the year sad. Here’s why.

I was at work during the last day of 2019 and ended my shift at 5 pm, exhausted. My husband’s uncle and aunt invited us over for dinner, along with my brother in law and his wife, who are staying with us for a few weeks. It was so much fun, like always. I laughed until my cheeks hurt, and the food was amaaaazing. But I kept watching the clock because I wanted to go home and sleep. I know. Grandma over here.

When we got home I didn’t waste a lot of time getting to bed. There were a couple of dirty plates in the sink, but I had no energy to put them in the dishwasher even. I couldn’t fall asleep though because my husband and his brother were in the living area talking with the tv volume on high. I ended up being awake for 12:00 after all!

It was then that I got extremely hungry and all I could think about was pizza. Pizza. Pizza. PIZZA. PIZZA. PIZZA!!!!!

The thing is, my husband’s family has been in town for the holidays, and they’ve had two pizza nights already, both times when I was at work. Both times I was hoping they’d leave me a slice for when I’d get home but nah, nobody leaves leftovers when it’s pizza. So yeah. It all sums up to pizza cravings but no pizza.

I did what all sensible 23 year olds do. I cried. I was sad because I had missed two pizza nights and now I was CRAVING pizza. Everything always seems sadder at nighttime, doesn’t it?

I spent the first few minutes of the new year crying. The bright side of it all is, I’m hoping I’ll have cried all the tears for this year right at the start and I won’t need to do it again in 2019. Haha.

You’d think the first morning of 2019 would be great. You’re dead wrong. So while we were at dinner on New Year’s Eve, Uncle and Aunt decided to go out for a New Years breakfast. I thought I heard them say Smittys at 10. I thought 10 o clock was weird because we always go at 9. Always. But I accepted it because I thought since it’s a holiday nobody was in a hurry to get on with the day so it was okay to start later.

I woke up around 8, bright eyed and … dirty haired. Not bushy tailed. Dirty haired. I needed to shower but oh man was my bed warm and soft! I waited till 8:30 but then I heard the shower running already. Sharing one bathroom with guests is always a puzzle.

I started my shower at 8:57. A few minutes later I emerged with sopping wet hair and it was brought to my attention that “breakfast is at 9!”

Holy cow. It’s already a few minutes after nine and I’m standing on the bath rug dripping. I mean why my husband didn’t tell me that piece of information before I went to shower I don’t know.

Bottom line is I have never in my life dried my hair that fast. Or that hot. My scalp burned and tingled because I used the hottest setting on my hair dryer, but I didn’t care. My hair was dry in less than 5 minutes. This here must be why God blessed me with fine, thin hair that dries easily. To prepare me for this very moment.

We pulled up to the restaurant at 9:23. With clean, dry hair.

I almost let myself feel defeated for a moment. I know it sounds silly, but first the stupid pizza tears and then the misunderstanding about breakfast was enough to make the devil try to ruin my day and get me in a grumpy mood.

When we walked into the restaurant I told the hostess we were meeting someone. She pointed to a big, almost empty table where a lone couple was sipping coffee and asked “are those your people?”

“Those are our people,” I told her as we headed towards them.

It made me feel good. That they are our people. To know that we have people. People that like spending time with us, invite us over, invite us out, patiently sit and wait while we’re at home washing our hair, don’t complain when we show up 23 minutes late, greet us with a smile and then spend the whole New Years morning with us when they have their own kids they could spend time with.

I’m so happy we have people like this in our life. I hope everyone has, because everyone should. Everyone deserves it.

I had a good first day of the year today. Our guests left for the day so I spent it cleaning and doing laundry.

Happy 2019, friends.

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