Book Review: The Tinderbox

Book: The Tinderbox

Author: Beverly Lewis

Publisher: Bethany House (a division of Baker Publishing Group)

About the book: With her parents’ twentieth anniversary approaching, eighteen-year-old Sylvia Miller finds her father’s cherished brass tinderbox left unlocked. Against her better judgement, Sylvia opens the heirloom, not realizing what she’s about to discover will splinter apart her happy life and alter everything for her close-knit Old Order Amish family. As the long-kept secret emerges into the light of day, can the Millers find a way forward through the turmoil to a place of forgiveness?

My Review:

As all of Lewis’ books, this one is a simple and easy read. For avid readers, it definitely doesn’t take more than a few sittings to finish it. One thing I always enjoy in Lewis’ books is the descriptions of how characters behave after something drastic happens. For example, after Sylvia opens her dad’s secret tinderbox and discovers what’s inside, she feels distant towards her dad and hesitates to approach him with anything, and makes excuses not to go anywhere with him, because she feels guilty for doing something she knows she shouldn’t have. And that’s exactly the way it’s described in the book; no need for several paragraphs explaining how heavy the secret weighed on her heart – just simply telling the reader what she did. And that one reason Lewis’ books are so easy to read. (The example I just used is not a spoiler; that part is written on the back cover.)

In the beginning, the story progresses pretty slow, which can be a bit boring. However, if you’ll pull through and uncover all the secrets in the tinderbox, it’s very interesting to read. And the best part, the ending is a huge surprise. Fiction novels are pretty predictable sometimes, and in a way this one was too (which is not a bad thing) but with an unexpected surprise which will make you HAVE to read the sequel, available in September 2019.

All in all, if you like Amish fiction, this is a worthwhile read.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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