What I’m Doing Lately

Greetings I have so much to say that I don't know where to start. Words are running over each other and then I start overthinking and then I end up not saying anything at all. Hi. Remember me? It's been... a year. Feels like a lifetime. This year alone feels like a decade. But that's … Continue reading What I’m Doing Lately

Road Blocks

Today, I came across the episode God’s Will For You: Where Purpose and Passion Collide of the podcast As For Me and My House. I've been following Milena Ciciotti on Instagram for a while now and she and her husband very recently started their own podcast. This particular episode couldn't have come at a more … Continue reading Road Blocks

It’s Not Hard, Just Painful

Our modern lifestyle has programmed our minds to think we have to be on the move all the time. We have to make a decision right now, we have to know right now what we wanna do. Right now, so that in case plan A falls through, there will still be enough time to execute plan B. We are programmed to constantly think about our future and prepare for it, as if we are guaranteed one.